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Easily personalize your communication support in 4 simple steps.

➀ Pre-design

We work together to personalize your communication support by analyzing your visual identity and defining the project parameters.

➁ 3D modeling

We transform your concepts into virtual reality, bringing your communication medium to life with precise and detailed visual representations.

➂ HD printing

We bring your vision to life using high definition printing technologies, ensuring a faithful and vibrant reproduction of your personalized communication support.

➃ Scenario

We integrate your personalized communication support into real or simulated environments, allowing you to visualize its potential impact.

French manufacturer

As a proud French manufacturer, Texpub is committed to offering exceptional quality and artisanal expertise in the design and manufacturing of folding tents, inflatable stands, Starfull tents, inflatable arches, event furniture and inflatable furniture.

Each product is carefully designed and manufactured in our workshop in France, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and reliability that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Innovative design

Our team of seasoned designers brings exceptional creativity to every product we offer. Innovative design is at the heart of our approach, whether creating modern folding tent designs, eye-catching inflatable stands, unique Starfull tents, statement inflatable arches or stylish event and inflatable furniture.

At Texpub, design goes above and beyond to deliver event solutions that stand out.

High quality digital printing

The quality of digital printing is a priority at Texpub. We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure exceptional visual results on all our products.

Whether showcasing your logo on a pop-up tent, creating vibrant visuals on an inflatable stand, or printing eye-catching designs on our Starfull tents and inflatable arches, our quality digital printing brings your brand to life in a striking way. With Texpub, the excellence of digital printing serves your visibility.

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