Inflatable POS

Boost your communication at trade shows and events with our advertising products, and opt for the inflatable totem, a simple and effective solution to stand out and increase your visibility. Easily transportable with minimal bulk, this inflatable communication support accompanies you everywhere, to all your events. It offers a modern and fun approach to convey your image, particularly with large models which are very imposing, ensuring exceptional visibility.

Very popular in the field of sporting events, air totems are excellent allies for marking the terrain, marking an area, demarcating a track, and providing visibility and credibility. Major brands regularly integrate this type of nomadic inflatable POS into their brand strategy to obtain the desired presence and impact.

In addition to their use as an inflatable signage tool, air POS devices are used to mark areas to improve traffic flow or for signage purposes, whether for permanent or temporary parking lots, the organization of outdoor spaces, or marking. in the mountains for ski slopes, etc.

Inflatable totems are also very popular for commercial events, street marketing operations, marking in front of shops, and the creation of signage for CHR (Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants). Indeed, merchants and companies seek to capture the public's attention to attract customers to the store or increase their notoriety. Placing a personalized inflatable totem in a strategic location can generate traffic and help promote your establishment.

Certified quality

Assembly in 30 seconds

3 year warranty

Fully customizable


PVC380® fire-resistant PVC M2

Technical tarpaulin specially developed for the use of folding equipment. Ultra resistant, it is undoubtedly the best tarpaulin on the market. The optimal combination between flexibility, resistance and print rendering.

Custom colors: Pantone 109C, Pantone 343C, Pantone 186C, Pantone 166C, White / Blanc, Black / Noir, Pantone 7500C, Pantone 293C, Cool gray 6C, Custom printing.

TEX300® Laminated polyester

The best quality of polyester canvas, offered with this TEX300®. PVC lamination, matt finish, it is a resistant and flexible canvas.

Custom Colors: Black / Black, White / White, Custom Print

Limitless customization

Our folding tents are designed to exceed expectations in terms of customization. Thanks to our latest generation printers, every detail of your design is reproduced with exceptional clarity.

Optimal color rendering delivers a vibrant palette that faithfully captures the essence of your brand.

At the same time, our cutting-edge printing technology reinforces the strength of our folding tents, ensuring maximum durability against outdoor conditions.



According to your needs


Solid wall

Wall door


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